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Credence Barebone/Original Percival Graves
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Narcissus was Percival's favourite flower, especially the yellow one. He had been fond of jonquil for quite a while now.

0. Prologue

Mr. Graves’ favourite flower was narcissus, especially the yellow one. Credence had no idea about ‘the why’ and ‘the when’ he picked that knowledge up, but somehow his intuition told him that that mattered, which was even weirder because he had stopped to believe in his intuition long long ago.


He wandered around the neighbour looking for part-time job; the house needed support, financial support, and it didn’t help much when there were only him and mother with a bunch of adolescents. It still haunted him the last time they had to bury another child because they could not afford the treatment for her. Alice was so young, but it seemed like that was not reasonable enough for Lord not to take her away. Pneumonia was fatal for no-maj, that was what Mr. Graves said. For a split second, he wondered if Mr. Graves could have treated Alice, if he had asked.

There were so many things about Mr. Graves that fascinated him, and just a tiny bit of knowledge about Mr. Graves that he gained after each meeting could make Credence feel little more worthy. That was also when his intuition kicked in, with those false hopes that he deserved happiness despite sins.

“Hey! Watch out!”

He stumbled and fell; someone was shouting and swearing. Thank god at least no one was blaming him at the moment. Breathe, he needed to breathe; he could handle shouting. He tried to spit out apology, yet all he did was to manage to mumbled sorry, so sorry.

Just one more case of bad thing happened due to his stupid useless inaccurate intuition.

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